At a global level, Sustainability is framed by 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations for the 2015-2030 horizon. In the development of its commitments, EDPR will guide its contributions by 2030 in eight of the seventeen Sustainable Develoment Goals.

EDPR, as a renewable energy company, creates great expectations in its stakeholders about Sustainability. Responding to these expectations and aligned with EDPR’s contribution to the SDGs, the company keeps committed to excel in all three pillars of Sustainability namely the economic, the environmental and the social – defining a strategy of best practices. Following a culture of continuous improvement, 10 Sustainability goals were defined within the 2016-2020 Business Plan.

This roadmap brings together the three sustainability pillars and is laid down in 10 different areas: Operational growth, Risk controlling, Economic value creation, Environment, Value circle, People, Governance, Stakeholder Engagement, Innovation and Society. Defined goals make performance measurable to help drive the company as a growing leader in value creation, innovation and sustainability.