EDPR has a strong commitment in engaging with all its stakeholders. Based on the group’s policies, the company aims to be innovative and forward-looking in the way it manages its relationships with employees, suppliers, local communities, investors, media, financial institutions and others. The following image represents the Stakeholders Groups allocated to the four categories:

EDPR follows four commitments when interacting with the stakeholders: Comprehend, Communicate, Collaborate and Trust. These belong to a comprehensive plan that involves all business areas and uses cross-functional tools.

The governance of this methodology is institutionalized through the two main groups: Stakeholder Steering Committee and Working Group, followed by a system: CRM. The Stakeholder Steering Committee and Working Group include an heterogeneous group of members from different areas of the company. The first cluster is composed with leaders in touch with each Stakeholder group and with a more strategic view. This group was created to establish the Stakeholders Management Plan, monitor progress and evaluate results. While the second cluster, is in charge of enacting the committee’s plans, make the ideas operational and impactful. The inclusion of a digital tool (CRM) in this plan, has the objective to facilitate deployment, internal knowledge-sharing and follow-up, as well as monitoring.


The communication channels play a key role in managing the relations with the stakeholders. To ensure continuous dialogue and a close relationship with them, EDPR uses the most effective channels to identify and manage expectations, minimizing and ensuring better control of the risks allocated to each stakeholder group. To clarify, EDPR has enumerated the main channels of each group of the four main categories.

The communication channels are the center of stakeholder management, by allocating to each group a specific and tailored communication channel, alongside with the results of the Stakeholders Global Survey, EDPR can effectively identify perceptions, expectations, value drivers and behaviors of each stakeholders. This way, the company can keep improving each year in order to reach a better communication relationship between the stakeholder groups. Through these channels, EDPR has registered 29 complains during 2017 regarding society impacts, most of them related to possible interferences with TV signal in France. All of them with related cost corrective actions valuated in €7k.

This year, EDPR completed a Stakeholder Management Plan cycle with the possibility of comparing results regarding the previous year. This comparison of the performance and the monitoring evolution provided a developed perspective on stakeholder management, as well as on medium-term planning and policies. Furthermore, the accomplishment of the cycle provided essential information to drew up renewed and improved guidelines for stakeholder value management of the following year.