EDPR’s reputation and brand visibility depend, among other things, on media organizations, which represent an extremely important stakeholder group within the company. In order to maintain this stakeholder informed, EDPR works to keep all media organizations up-to-date about initiatives the company carries out, whether related to financial issues, company performance, corporate social responsibility or any other relevant activities. To better achieve this, EDPR always strives to respond quickly to all questions and/or comments that might appear, and it has developed a media calendar.

For better understanding between both parties and to pursue a fluid and dynamic dialogue with this stakeholder group, EDPR has developed several communication channels that allows the media to easily get in touch with the organization. The innovation this year was the improved corporate website ( ), which includes three large sections dedicated to media: news repository, multimedia area and the contact center. With the release of this new website, EDPR believes that following the current trends and the best practices which always tries to achieve, it made it more user-friendly and mobile-first for its users. Other kind of media communication channels are press conferences, interviews with company top-management and conference calls. Currently, EDPR is developing a new media kit which will improve the clarification of the company’s business and its main indicators to the opinion- makers and the media.

In 2017, the mainly interactions with the media generated news primarily in Portugal, Spain, North America and Brazil. These news items reflect the company’s strategy for each of these markets. Portugal was the largest source of the news items, with highest favorability. Some other important news items mention this year included: the conclusion of wind farm projects, plans to advance with new wind farms in various countries, government approval of new projects, data on EDPR increasing energy production, positive developments of the company’s shares on the stock exchange, power purchase agreements, charitable actions such as a donation to Hurricane Harvey repair and rebuilding efforts, actions in support of start-ups, financial results and strategic divestments. Brazil also had a strong impact on news by the end of the year due to the December power generation auctions where EDPR was one of the active bidders.